Dark Side Rey (Star Wars 6″ Black Series)


I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and for me, The Force Awakens was perfect. So along with everyone else I’ve developed some theories of my own, and a new wave of “What if…” Black Series figures. I’m calling the first four TFA Wave Zero.

I see Rey being revealed as a Kenobi; Obi Wan’s granddaughter to be specific. Star Wars has always been a Skywalker story, so I see her eventually allowing her frustration and anger for being abandoned and left by her family to grow up alone sway her to the Dark Side of the Force. Therefore making way for the new “Skywalker”, Kylo Ren, aka Ben Solo to be the redemption story with Rey as his antagonist. It would be a pretty hard left turn, but I feel like Rey being Luke’s daughter is a bit too on the nose. Anyway, this is my “what if” take on Rey if she were to go to the Dark Side, and train with Snoke.

Rey comes with her saber staff, and was made from head to toe from a 6″ Star Wars Black Series Rey. She has new hair with sculpted detail, sculpted armor and leg wraps, some fodder for her belt and sash, and a brand new, highly detailed dark side paint job. Enjoy!



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