The Goon (First Appearance)


If you have never read The goon by Eric Powell, get with it. It’s funny, badass horror with art that is art. You can’t really describe Goon to people other than he’s a big guy that’s been through some shit and doesn’t take shit. He and his best pal Frankie spend their days hanging out in a bar talking about dames and people that owe them money. Then they go beat up slack jaws and take a knife to the eye of anyone takin’ advantage of the “little guy”. It’s zombie-smashing noir at it’s finest, and this is Goon as he appeared on the cover of his first appearance, The Goon #1 from Avatar Press, by Eric Powell, 2006.

Goon comes with his trusty custom made monkey wrench, and was made from a Hulk figure with a sculpted head and gloves, and a pretty paint job to boot! Enjoy ya slack jaws!



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