Space Girl (MOTUC Original)

sg240Space Girl, the happiest space rider in Eternia! No one loves what she does more than Space Girl. As a little girl she dreamed of exploring the dark space in the Eternia sky. After Queen Marlena landed in Eternia, Space Girl was the first person to welcome her. Seeing how wide eyed she was staring at her uniform, Marlena gave the little girl her spare space suit. Now Space Girl is always the first to volunteer for a little space exploration, or just a bit of blowing off steam with her space creator gun. That’s right, this girl can’t get enough of her space travels, when she runs out of space, she can just create more! And man, did she have a blast custom painting her rocket pack!

Space Girl has a custom Filmation style paint job inspired by the Black Mask comic Space Riders. The colors in that book are psychedelic! She was made from an Adora base, Geldor boots, fodder parts were used for her rocket pack and gun, ML AIM soldier belt, and Foe Men female head with a sculpted helmet. Enjoy!


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