Gor-O-Gami (MOTUC Original)


Gor-O-Gami was given to Hordak as payment for a debt that her family couldn’t repay. Raised in the evil Horde Ways, Gor grew more resentful of her family for having given her up as a child. Now filled with more anger, resentment, and hatred than any person in Etheria, Gor slaughters at Hordaks beck and call, hoping to someday fill a hole in her that will never be filled. Gor wields her staff and double hand blade, and paints her face the color of her bruised soul.

Gor-O-Gami was made from a MOTUC Angella base with removed wings and sculpted armor and waist, Battle Ground Tela lower legs, Shokoti modded head with sculpted details, Hordak arm bands on her legs, fodder belt, DC Raven front sash and ML Electra back sash, she has added hair and a removable hat that will stay on in any pose. Finished with a super detailed custom paint job. Enjoy!


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