Smash and Slash (Original MOTUC)


General of the Evil Horde Shock Troops, Smash and Slash is Hordak’s go to to strike absolute fear into his enemies. The fight may have started, but regardless of which side is winning, following the Horn of Hordes ¬†even the mightiest of warriors will see the dust unsettled on the horizon, and feel the fist of Smash and Slash coming. Armed with his laser blade and the most devastating punch in Etheria, this is one person you don’t want to see in battle.

Smash and Slash was made from a Hurricane Hordak base, Skeletor armor, Carnivorous skirt, Marzo jewel, DC Steel head and Hostile figure jaw, and Geldor feet. One of the more time consuming paint jobs with many layers of pink to cover, but I wanted to give him that Filmation pop! Enjoy!



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