Wolverine (Brown Costume)


“It’s all in the suit that you wear.” In Wolverine’s case, it’s the brown one. The only one that matters. My latest commission is the classic, and for some reason missing for years, brown costume Wolverine. It doesn’t get any better than the 80’s Marc Sylvestri X-Men comics. Short, stocky Wolverine lurking in the shadows in his brown suit. The best. Nuff said.

This Wolverine is directly inspired by the comics and not the films in any way. To start, he is about an inch shorter than the average (Bucky Cap) Marvel Legends. I took the height out of his legs and resculpted them. He has real metal claws, and 3 interchangeable heads with the draping mask. His belt is sculpted, and his base is made from 2 different ML Wolverine figs. Enjoy!




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