Snowtooth (MOTUC Original)


There is a land beyond the dimension that holds Eternia, beyond even that of Etheria. It is Dark Eternia. A shadowed land filled with only the most crude and concentrated of characters. Snowtooth comes from The Cold Place. A wilderness of sub-zero temperatures, and even colder people. Snowtooth lives to fight, but only as a last resort as he has never been beaten. Snowtooth is one of the few valiant and true beings in Dark Eternia. And though he loves to fight, he hates to kill. Tactical and cunning, Snowtooth is armed with unbreakable and eternally sharp Claws of the Krill, and he’s coming to Eternia.

Snowtooth has a meticulously sculpted and painted MOTUC Chief Carnivorous head on top of a Carnivorous body, Stratos lower legs, Hurricane Hordak skirt, and sculpted neck, chest and body fur, and wrist gauntlets. His claws were made from moded Panthor figure claws, and finished with a very detailed FILMATION style paint job. Enjoy!



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