Iron-Eyes (MOTUC Original)


There are tortured souls, and then there’s Iron-Eyes. There once was a man who had a family, a home, a life. One night creatures came to his home, beat him and took everything away from him. He awoke to find his murdered family, and swore vengeance but all he could remember from that night was a red bat. He went to see the town’s mystic who said she could grant him the ability to find the red bat in exchange for his eyes. He gave them without question. The mystic gave him an enchanted spear to guide his way, and replaced his eyes with a shield of iron. Though still blind, when in the presence of the red bat Iron-Eyes will see once more.

Iron-Eyes was made from a Geldor base, with Count Marzo arms, Roboto boots with Zodak feet, moded Carnivorous armor, and a moded ML Odin BAF head with DC Artamis hair and sculpted eye shield. Finished off with a FILMATION style paint job. Lots of deep shading and details on the head. Enjoy!



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