Gwenpool in the house, y’all!!! Marvel’s newest sensational resurrection, Gwen Stacey is back! And somehow she’s managed to land two of the coolest costumes going right now. Gwenpool is the sexified version of the gun-toting Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. Not that Deadpool isn’t sexy, but you get what I’m squirting.

I couldn’t resist bringing the Mistress with a Mouth into the 6″ plastic realm, and I loaded her up with detail upon detail! She’s complete with her comic accurate suit with sculpted detail and a one of a kind head sculpt you won’t find anywhere else! Her paint job is littered with details, shading and line work. She comes with an arsenal of weapons including two custom painted swords, two custom painted hand guns that both clip onto her back, and a custom painted machine gun! She retains all her articulation, so she can strike some serious attitude! You been GWENED!!!

Gwen was made from a ML White Tiger base and a Spider Girl head. Everything else is sculpted detail and a touch of fodder. Finished her off with a Gwenpoolish paint job. Enjoy!



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