Obsidia and Catrocious (Original MOTUC)


New to the ranks of the Evil Horde, Obsidia is neither here not there. She is a manifestation of ancient spectral energy, summoned by Hordak’s latest witchcraft. Obsidia has the ability to travel in the body of her spirit animal, Catrocious. Obsidia uses her staff of liquid fear to cast vile incantations on her enemies, and Catrocious is a battle warn weapon that exists only to serve her master, and Obsidia to serve hers.

Obsidia was made from an Adora base. I had to resculpt the waist. She has MOTUC Foe Women upper armor, ML Dr. Strange skirt, ML Taskmaster cape, Some female head that I resculpted, and boots and arms from the as yet unreleased MOTUC Mara of Primus figure. Her paint job is layered blacks with several shades of purple and blue, with a dark purple dry brush. Catrocious was a cat toy that I added sculpted armor and full multi-layered paint job. Enjoy!



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