Sailaura (Original MOTUC)


Sailaura is the Pirate Queen of the Eternia Sea. After a meeting with He-Man and Teela, Sailaura decided two things needed to change that day: One, she was going to turn her back on her thieving pirate heritage and start only steeling from Skeletor’s warships to give the booty to those oppressed or hurt by Skeletor’s forces. And the second thing Sailaura decided that day is that she is the long lost sister of Teela. Weather or not that is true has yet to be determined. Sailaura has the ability to telepathically control water, and her favorite weapons are her water tridents. She also has both of her eyes fully intact… but she loves the patch!

Sailaura was made from the 2016 Matty Collector Mara of Primus base, Adora boots and arms, Battle Ground Teela skirt, DC Harley head with 2 DC Artemis ponytails. Finished with a heavily detailed and Filmation inspired paint job. Enjoy!



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