Daredevil Netflix (MCU)


After watching the Netflix Daredevil series for the second time, I was able to drop all expectations and appreciate its detail, and many nuanced performances. So amazing, and the red suit is just as cool as the black! I wanted to wait until the series was over to make the red so that I had plenty of reference images. I wanted to include as many details of the suit as I could, including sculpting his riveted armor, placement of the horns, and including the nose piece. All of the armor is sculpted detail, as well as his belt and leg straps.  I also made his color scheme screen accurate with 4 different shades of red, from the dark gloss red of his eyes that glint in the light, to his sticks that can connect together and be stored on his leg.

DD was made from a movie Cap base, ML Cap now boots and hands, sculpted nose, horns, body armor, belt and straps. Finished with a screen accurate MCU paint job. Enjoy!



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