Punisher Netflix (MCU)


In what I feel is Marvel’s best casting choice since the beginning of the MCU, Netflix’ Daredevil series will be adding Jon Bernthal as The Punisher. I’ve done Punisher before, but this is by far my best and most unique. I wanted to get his likeness as close to Bernthal as I could, and at the same time bring some refreshing details to the figure. I based the Netflix look on some concept art I found on line. This Punisher has body armor and a tactical look, but at the same time is very street level grounded, which I think fits right in line with the Netflix style we saw in Daredevil. Punisher comes with an arsenal of weapons including a shotgun and blade that fit onto his back. He has sculpted details, and the skill on his armor is the best I’ve ever done.

Punisher was made from an Agent Venom base, Guile legs, DCUC lower arms, and a Conan head with sculpted hair. His armor was from Hicks. He has sculpted straps, and a highly detailed paint job. Enjoy!



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