Prince Battle-Or (MOTUC Original)


Revisiting Dark Eternia, Prince Battle-Or is the heir to what is left of Lord Fire-Bird’s kingdom. When Battle-Or was a child he was stolen by Lord Dark who performed Dark magic on the boy. Lord Fire-Bird rescued Battle-Or but not before the Dark ritual took his hands, and stopped his heart. In order to save him, Lord Fire-Bird’s scientists had to use a symbiote to bond a new pair of cybernetic hands and heart to his body. The Prince has sworn his life to the service of Lord Fire-Bird, and the destruction of Lord Dark’s forces. In doing so he has steeled himself into the most skilled fighter in all of Dark Eternia.

Prince Battle-Or was made from a MOTUC base with an un-mustached Rio Blast head, Zodak boots, Magic the Gathering armor and waist, and interchangeable hands from a video game knight figure I can’t remember. Finished him with a Filmation style paint ┬ájob. Enjoy!



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