Scare-Ro (MOTUC Original)


Lurking in the shadows of Dark Eternia is a bounty hunter whose name sends shivers down the spine of the most ruthless criminals. Scare-Ro; he works for no one, and never takes the bounty. He serves as judge, jury, and executioner. Scare-Ro hunts and kills for the fun of seeing the look in his prey’s eyes. He is known for loosing control when capturing his prey, and swinging his cythe blade wild and furiously. The scars on his body are from his own attacks.

Scare-Ro was made from a MOTUC Dentist base, with a totally original sculpted scarecrow head, some of my best work, and sculpted scars all over his body. ML Sabertooth coat, and I can’t remember whose MOTUC skirt. Finished with a custom scarecrow inspired paint job. Not sure where his sythe came from, but It’s got a custom paint job to match his look.


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