Drill-Ore (MOTUC Original)


As Hordak’s Construction Commander, Drill-Ore is responsible for building every machine in Hordak’s Evil Horde empire. Drill-Ore is a skilled architect as well as a very formidable fighter. Caught in a cave collapse caused by He-Man, Drill-Ore lost an arm, and his body was covered with molten iron ore. His arm was replaced with a robotic drill, and his body healed by Hordak’s magics. Drill-Ore is determined to see He-Man pay for what he did him, and build anything necessary to do so.

Drill-Ore was made from a Flogg upper body, Zodak arm, an arm from a McFarlane figure, Slush Head crotch, Karati lower legs, Count Marzo upper legs, modded Strong-Or head, ML Bullseye neck thing, Trap-Jaw belt, and some fodder. Wrapped up in a metallic MOTUC paint job. Enjoy!


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