Bloodshot (Valiant Comics)



Bloodshot…this guy has been a long time coming. I started collecting comics during the height of Valiant’s domination of the comic book industry in the early 90’s. I remember the first Valiant comics I saw. It was at one of those small hotel comic shows (before they were called Cons). I saw Solar 10, and Eternal Warrior 6 and 7, the BWS headshot covers, on a shelf. I was hooked, and I had never seen anything like the Valiant frenzy that was engulfing folks during the early 90’s. For most people Valiant came and went, but not for me. I’ve been hanging on for over 20 years waiting for others to realize how great the Valiant Universe is. And in the forefront of it all was Bloodshot! The only character that could give a black bagged Superman a run for his money.

I’ve been itching for the right time to make some Valiant figures, so I figured with the recent announcement of the Bloodshot and Harbinger movies, that time is now! This is Bloodshot in his classic shotgun shelled vest, and loaded with enough weaponry to shake the Harbinger Foundation to its foundation! Bloodshot is heavily detailed with stark whites and deeply shaded highlights so he’s not just one tone. He has several shades of black, and his PRS symbol on his chest is a bold red, and nearly bleeds! Bloodshot comes with an arsenal of custom painted weapons including his samurai sword, foreshadowing his lineage in the Valiant Universe, RAI. His vest has a real leather look, and is loaded with metallic detailing. And check out those shotgun shells! Make mine Valiant!

Bloodshot was made from a ML Cap torso, upper legs and arms, ML Punisher head, ML Sabertooth forearms, ML Cable hands, Movie Cap lower legs, Cap vest, and a bunch of fodder. Finished with a Valiant paint job! Enjoy!



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