Sliiither (MOTUC Original)


“He who knows his enemy defeats his enemy.” No truer words have ever been hissed. Hailing from the same Snake Clan, Sliiither is not only the whisper in King Hiss’s ear, but the wisest creature in all Eternia. Armed with his knowledge spear, Sliiither can subdue his enemy with the poison from his bite, and then use his spear to suck the information he needs from their brains. This leaves his victims literally lifeless. Sliiither is not only a superb fighter, but what he knows will never be equaled.

Sliiither was made from a King Hiss base, Slush Head arms, Skeletor feet, Zodak hands, DC Red Lantern armor ML Mr. Sinister cape top, and fodder for his staff. Finished with a Filmation style paint job. Enjoy!


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