Skullina (MOTUC Original)


The better half of Etheria’s most primal power couple, Skullina is the wife of Prime-Ape and Queen of Skulls! Skullina and Prime-Ape ruled the Tree Kingdom of Etheria until her best friend joined the ranks of Hordak and betrayed them. Her best friend was Fear-Ra, and her betrayal cost Skullina her husband, as Hordak captured and forced Prime-Ape into servitude or witness the death of all of Etheria’s Tree People. Skullina swore to wear the skull makeup on her face until the day when she gets her revenge on Fear-Ra.

Skullina was a female Foe-Men body, Marvel Legends X-23 head, Starfire hair, sculpted armor and details, and a very detailed paint Filmation style paint job. Enjoy!



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