Prime-Ape (MOTUC Original)


King of the Tree People of Etheria, Prime-Ape, King of Trees, is the husband of Skullina and has been forced into servitude by Hordak, or witness the genocide of his people. Sold out by the once best friend of Skullina, Fear-Ra, Prime-Ape and his wife have already begun to put a plan into motion that will grant Skullina her revenge, and Prime-Ape his kingdom back! Armed with his double bladed tree cleaver, Prime-Ape is one of the most rage filled and skilled warrior in all of Etheria.

Prime-Ape was made from a Stratos base, Moss Man variant head cast, cast Stratos gripping hands and Beast Man feet, Trap Jaw belt, and the royal frill was from fodder. This was one of my most layered paint jobs. I wanted the fur to have as much detail as possible, and his face is designed after a real baboon. His weapon was from a video game figure, custom painted. Enjoy!



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