Aqu-War (MOTUC Original)


Revisiting the world of Dark Eternia that I created last year, I bring you Aqu-War! This was one of the original characters that I had created with the inception of the Dark Eternia world, but I struggled with bringing him to life.

Kill-Eel is the ruler of the Dark Eternia seas, and Aqu-war is his enforcer! Armed with his hydro canon, Aqu-War is clad in water armor that allows him to stalk his prey from sea to land. Trapping them in a paralyzing sea spray, Aqu-War finishes every victim by ripping them in half!

Aqu-War was made from a Slush Head base, modded Icaaris boots, Skeletor feet, Karatti cod piece, Zodak arms, DCUC Paradaemon hands, modded ML Toxin, some fodder for his gear, and a heavily shaded and layered Filmation style paint job. Geez! Lots of parts. It took 7 figures to create this guy, but what a blast! Enjoy!



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