Deadpool Movie Figure


By now we’ve all seen it, Ryan Reynolds in what is possibly the best and most comic accurate costume of all time. Everything we’ve seen and heard so far looks like this is going to be one hell of a flick! Knowing that FOX doesn’t have a deal with Hasbro, chances are we won’t get any Marvel Legends style Deadpool movie figures, so I couldn’t resist bringing him to 6″ life. I PACKED every detail I could into this figure to make him as movie accurate as possible. From the sculpted armor on his feet, to the new take on his belt buckle, to the sculpted expression of his eye, this is different than any other Deadpool figure you’ve ever seen! And check out the detailed paneling of his suit! Deadpool also comes with an enormous amount of weapons, including 2 laser sighted hand guns with custom Deadpool insignia, 2 holstered 9mm guns, one machine gun, one sniper rifle, 2 hand held machine guns, a removable boot knife, his trademark katanas, and one B.A.G. (Big Ass Gun) customized by Deadpool. Oh, and it seems he’s broken the fourth wall again, crossing over into Cap’s movie and claimed his shield! This is definitely one Olympic sized Deadpool!

DP was made from a Carnage body, Black Panther feet, sculpted details, and tons of fodder and accessories. Enjoy!



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