Kronox (MOTUC Original)


Another original MOTUC character, Kronox is the time master of Eternia and it’s extra dimensions. He is a mysterious figure who regularly intervenes in battle, and though he usually sides with He-Man and his allies, he has been known to turn the tide in Skeletor or Hordak’s favor. In the midst of battle Kronox can bring his Chrono Mace crashing down into the earth to stop time, and he can turn the time dial on his chest to reverse or speed through time. The reasons for his mysterious ways are just as shrouded as his origins.

Kronox was made from a MOTUC Icarius base, Count Marzo lower arms, Batros boots with Mo-Lar feet, and MS Colossus head. The rest is fodder, and he was finished with a time traveling, cosmic paint job, with deeply shaded highlights to resemble the bold Filmation colors! Enjoy!



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