Domino (X-Force)


I love making Domino figures because she can sport so many different looks! Here she is in her X-Force sleek stealth suit! I used a super sexy base for her body so she’s packing a bit more booty than your average Domino figure. And that face! Check out the blueish tint to her skin just like in the comics! Domino comes with an array of weapons including 2 glocks that are removable from her hip holsters, 2 hand machine guns, one laser scoped 9mm, one custom detailed sniper rifle, and a removable boot knife! And the real kicker for those situations she just needs to blow shiz up, a suitcase bomb! Wonder who let her borrow that 😉 Domino also comes with a custom made tactical back pack that is packed with a flashlight and SAT phone, and is removable from her shoulder straps for 2 different looks! Also, if you look closely you’ll notice her namesake around her neck! BOOM!

Dom was a Captain Marvel base with Hope hands and a ton of fodder. Finished with an AC Custom Figures stealth paint job. Enjoy!



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