Daredevil (Marvel/Netflix)


If you’re like me you then you can’t wait until next month’s premiere of Marvel’s new Netflix Daredevil series! The internet will probably break because we’ll all be binge watching it. I wanted to capture DD’s look in the new series in his pre-red costume. I think the black ninja costume is an awesome way to start off. I gave Matt Murdock here an all new original head sculpt, and incorporated as many details of the suit that they have given us in the trailers. Everything from the rid piping of the suit to his baton holder and leg straps to his laced up boots! Finished in a matte and flat black paint job! Daredevil will fit in perfectly with the rest of your Marvel Legends Infinite and movie figures!

DD was made from Bucky body, Cap boots, and sculpted head, with some Daredevil and Electra fodder. Finished with an AC Custom Figures paint job! Enjoy!



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