Arak-Kor (Original MOTUC)


Ages ago two brothers fought along side their father in an effort to remain neutral in the war over Eternia. The father was killed, one brother was lost, and Webstor was folded into Skeletor’s army. Years later Arak-Kor emerges from the depths of Eternia with no memory, and now under the poisonous tongue of Hordak. Arak-Kor is a vicious warrior who dips his weapons in his own poisonous blood to ensure any of his enemies left wounded on the battlefield will die a sure, and slow death! The question remains: Once Arak-Kor finds out his brother is alive, will the Spider-Legion rise again? Arak-Kor comes with his grappling gun to scale walls and cliff sides, and his stinging blade, and 4 fully poseable legs attached to his back, all dipped in his poisonous blood!

Arak-Kor was made from a King Hiss base, Skeletor feet, Webstor head cast, DC Robin-arang for his belt symbol, cast Horde symbol, and spider legs from some monkey spider toy attached with ball and socket joints so they are fully poseable. Enjoy!



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