Lord Dark (MOTUC Original)


Dark Eternia: A parallel universe overrun by bounty hunters and thieves. When Queen Marlena’s ship crashed on Eternia, it fractured space and time. The years of battle between He-Man and Skeletor have turned that fracture into a door, and the door to Dark Eternia is no longer shut.

At last, making his long awaited debut, Lord Dark, the ruthless tyrant ruler of Dark Eternia. It is said that when Queen Marlena crashed on Eternia, there was a human stowaway on her ship. This human fell through the fracture caused by the crash and became trapped in Dark Eternia. Once there he quickly rose to power. Now that his forces have invaded Eternia, he has taken half of He-Man’s power and half of Skeletor’s power and constructed a sword. The Dark Sword of Power! And he shall use it to crush Eternia! Lord Dark also comes with a removable blast effect that fits into his arm cannon!

Lord Dark was made from a MOTUC upper, Zodak arm, Srong-Or arm, Lex Luthor lower, Extendar head with some Kabuki mask, Faceless One armor and fodder for his cannon. The paint job looks simple at first but is filled with different black highlights, and bone and metallic highlights. Enjoy!



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