Horde Mummy (MOTU Concept)


Lord Dark now holds the power of He-Man and Skeletor combined, and with his armies marching on Eternia, it is up to Hordak to help sway the battle. Turning to his greatest scientists and most evil magics, Hordak creates new monsters for his legions! I give you the Horde Mummy! Straight from the pages of ‘The Power and the Honor Foundation Catalog, the Horde Mummy is a long dormant Masters of the Universe concept character that never made it to a Mattel figure. Horde Mummy is nearly all sculpt with a 100% new original sculpted head. He comes with his Hordak Ra staff, and check out his Horde chest symbol!

Horde Mummy was made from a Foe Men body with all the bandages sculpted, one Count Marzo hand, the head is completely sculpted over a Hyperion head, his chest symbol and staff are made from MOTUC fodder, and wrapped him up in a zombified paint job. Enjoy!



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