Jewel, a.k.a. Jessica Jones


Adding to the very short list of Marvel Legends female figures, Jewel, or as she will be known to the masses when her Netflix series debuts next year, aka Jessica Jones. Jewel is the ex high flying super heroin and wife of Avenger, Luke Cage. Here she is in her classic super hero look before the became a private eye, and then mother. Jewel has a one of a kind custom sculpted costume with metallic and matte highlights, and a second interchangeable fist so that she can punch the day lights out of the bad guys!

Jewel was made from an Emma Frost base and head, Black Cat hair, Electro and Hope modded hands, and Psylock sash with sculpted costume details. This is the best job I’ve done with white. Really liked how she turned out. Enjoy!



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