Mary Jane Watson Infinite Series


Mary Jane Watson, SPLAKOW!!! I realize she doesn’t have any superpowers, but anyone that can survive decades of being Spiderman’s better half deserves a nice figure. It makes no sense to me why she never had one. So I figured I would make one given the release of the new super sexy female body type that Hasbro is using for the new Infinite Series. And how more ironic than to use the Black Cat figure as a base! She is based on Adam Hughs’ famous “You just hit the jackpot…” look, with some added cleavage and a really cool Spiderman pendant around her neck. I also gave MJ some nice high heeled boots, a bit of flare on her pants, stylish belt, and bracelets!

MJ was made from the Infinite Series Black Cat, Buffy lower legs, Emma Frost boots, Spiral arms, fodder belt, and a custom MJ paint job from head to toe! Enjoy!

See you in the future!




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