Agent Venom Flash Thompson


Flash Thompson, who’d a thunk? Been wanting to do Agent Venom in all his tactical glory since the guy who used to bully Peter Parker first bonded with the symbiote.  Hasbro keeps threatening to add him to their Marvel Legends line, but he keeps being delayed, now it sounds like he might be lost to missing variant land with Iron Fist, Rogue and the rest. The Marvel Select version was way to lanky and stiff even for that line, so I severely modified one. I started with Raybot’s formula (what ever happened to Raybot anyway?). I shortened his arms and legs, and gave him less bulky shoulder pads, those things were terrible, more akin to the comics. The majority of the work went into making completely new groves and double knee joints. He now has Marvel Legends articulation from his ankles to his neck. I also gave him 3 brand new interchangeable heads: one Agent Venom, one transforming Flash Thompson head with the symbiote creeping over his face and washed eyes, and then one monstrous Venom head. He also has interchangeable hands ( Agent Venom and monster Venom), symbiote tendrils that attach to his back, and a whole slew of guns! This is definitely the ULTIMATE Agent Venom. And he fits in perfectly with the new Marvel Legends Infinite line at the same size as Hyperion, Sabretooth, and his cohort Toxin.

This was a heavy duty job, hope you like him!

See you in the future!



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