REVIEW: Marvel Legends 2014 Infinite Series Part 2: Spiderman


Hey true believers! Welcome back to another AC Custom Figures review. Just got my Marvel Legends Spiderman Infinite Series in and here is the review! The figures included are the Infinite Series Amazing Spiderman 2 movie Spiderman and Electro figures, Ultimate Beetle, Black Cat, Carnage, Toxin, and the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF! You can find the Infinite Series Superior Spiderman and Marvel NOW! Captain America review here! And if you are interested in grabbing yourself some of these figures, or a whole case, you can find them at Entertainment Earth for a great price!

rev1First up is the series namesake, The Amazing Spiderman! for the most part I like this figure. His articulation is the best of any rev2bSpiderman figure thus far. He has the usual Marvel Legends joints, but they added the new ankle pivots, upper thigh swivel, and some crazy shoulder/clavicle joints. The overall design of the figure is really iconic and Spidermany, and a great new head sculpt. And he comes with interchangeable hands; one fist set, and one thwipt set.  Now on the down side…those hips! For some reason the crotch piece is too small for the hips, making him look like he has some serious junk in his trunk. Also, those new “clavicle” joints near his shoulders don’t really make sense on a functional level. At first I was really annoyed by this figure, but after a while he grows on you. The only thing I wish they had changed is the spider emblem on the chest. It’s from the new movie and the legs go down to his belt line.

rev7Next up is the movie Electro figure. This is a really cool figure with 2 sets of hands; one fist set, and one electrified “Darth rev8bSidious” set. He also has 2 heads; one “regular” and one with angry electricity coming out of his eyes. Really cool. The design of the figure is all new, and almost Frankenstein-ish. The only thing is that he looks nothing like Jamie Fox, who is playing Electro in the movie. But that is neither here nor there. I like the simplicity of the character’s outfit, and the simple black and electric blue highlights on the paint job go really well with the translucent hands and heads.

rev10Next is the Ultimate Beetle. His design is great, and it’s a very different figure. Completely original in everyrev12b way; from his head to his feet. I just don’t understand his inclusion in the set. Whoever picked these characters has some very random taste. This guy has all the articulation of the new Hasbro figures, as well as a removable set of wings that attach via the peg hole in his back, and the paint apps are very striking. My only problem with this figure is that Spidey has so many other great foes that I would rather have seen.

rev16The next figure is one of the best in the series; Felicia Hardy, aka, The Black Cat! This rev17bcharacter was in dire need of an updated figure, and they went all out for her. A brand new, super sexy, bootylishious body sculpt, new head with embossed mask and new hair sculpt, and high heels with the new articulation. She has raised and realistic white hair on the suit, and her clawed hands are great. Black Cat comes with a really cool whip that has a steel looking cat claw at the end. My only gripe with this figure is that her hips, as nice as they look, are a bit stiff. Other than that she’s a really cool figure.

rev14The next one is probably the lamest out of the bunch, Toxin. He is the variant for Carnage (whom I will get to next), and rev15bjust FYI, I will have a separate review for the other 2 variants, Spider Girl and Boomerang, when I get them next week. This is a very bland figure. He is a re-used Hyperion/Sabretooth body, with Carnage hands. They gave him a new headsculpt that looks like a beaver, and just the detachable back tendrils of Carnage. He’s basically Carnage Light, and looks nothing like the character from the comics. His paint apps are just an airbrushed fade of maroons; not a lot of details here.

rev21My last regular figure is the updated Carnage. This is Hasbro’s 3rd attempt at the character, and the bestrev19b so far. A new and simple body sculpt, with a really crisp paint job. I’m pretty sure the head is the same one from the Sinister Six multi-pack, but it’s really cool. New hands and feet, and the topper are all the flexible tendrils that they added. Those along with the figure’s great articulation make him pretty menacing.

rev4The last figure for the series is the Ultimate Green Goblin Build A Figure (BAF). rev5bAnother odd choice. I love that Hasbro has come back to the larger BAF figures for 2014. Especially after the cool yet miniscule Hit Monkey, Rocket Raccoon, and Puck. However, he is a re-used Avengers Movie Hulk body with clawed feet and hands. He has a new head sculpt, and some added flames, but a pretty boring character and figure. The upside is that he customizes into a really cool Doomsday figure!

So that’s it! At the end of the day, this every figure in this series is really well crafted, and though I had a few complaints, Hasbro continues to impress with this new “rebirth” of Marvel Legends. I hope this was helpful for those still on the fence about picking up a case. And if you do feel like grabbing some of these at retail, I suggest you hop over to Entertainment Earth and pick some up before they are gone!

See you in the future!




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