The Superior Spider-Man


I was just as upset as you were when they “killed” Peter Parker, and then seasoned the wound with lemon and salt by sticking Doctor Octopus into his body. But man has this series grown on me. This figure was made as a commission. I just saw the solicits for the new Marvel Legends Amazing Spiderman 2 figures. Included in that line is a “version” of Superior Spiderman, however, they seemed to have combined his first costume with his current, giving him the same suit, but adding the clawed toes, and lacking the forearm gauntlets and back pack. This figure is accurate to his current costume, complete with sculpted gauntlets and Spider-pack! Enjoy!

He was made from a ML Big Time Spiderman, with sculpted bits and a custom paint job. Look for this guy in my new “Basic Painting” tutorial!

See you in the future!



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