Blade Marvel Legends 2013

blade240I love Blade! Before I start complaining, I have to say that Hasbro really has stepped up their game with the new 2012/2013 Marvel Legends figures. However, since the “comeback” last year almost every figure released has been marketed with a variant, (i.e. Hyperion and Sentry, Spiderman and Iron Fist) none of which have been seen in the states to date. Blade was supposed to be the variant figure to the most recent Punisher figure. But sadly, Blade was lost to the same fate as the rest of the variant line.

So here he is! I sculpted the chest armor, and facial hair and glasses, gave him the same paint job that the Marvel Legends figure has, and even hunted down the ACTUAL Stake Gun that Hasbro was supposed to release with Blade, but only released in their GI Joe line. I gave him some silver stakes attached at the hip so he can reload his Stake Gun, I also rebuilt the movie version of his classic badass Machine Pistol. He also comes with his trademark movie version sword that attached to his back, the same shotgun that Hasbro intended for him, and 2 bloody daggers! This guy is going to kick some major vamp ass! Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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