Batman Arkham Origins

batAO240bI have to say that the Arkham Origins Batman figure is by far the best of the video game series that DC has put out. However, it still lacked a bit in the paint job, and no accessories. A lot of his armor plates blended into each other, and his suit just lacked an overall detail and depth. Plus he had zero accessories. I mean, come on, those Electrocutioner Gloves!

I gave this guy a complete detail paint job from head to toe making him more closely resemble how he looks in the game. Including deeper blacks, deep shading, metallic highlights, and warn armor effects. AND!!! I made him a second pair of interchangeable hands…Electrocutioner Gloves! Also made him a scratch built grappling gun based off of the game schematics.

Now this Batman is ready to take on ALL of Arkham! Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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