Batman vs Superman Movie Concept

batarmor240Bulk up Ben, these are the shoes you have to fill! This is a Batman vs Superman movie concept, armored Batman that can take on Superman and WIN!!! Something along the lines of Batman from The Dark Knight Returns, but with an original spin. I went with a Madmax/TDKR look. Instead of a straight forward bat on his chest I made his armor in the shape of a bat, and you can still see the head of the bat under the armor. Gave him tons of cool pouches on his Kryptonite powered belt! I also gave him a custom painted Sonic Gun that can blow the bats right out of Superman’s ears!

He was a TDKR Batman with DC Direct Robo Bat arms and armor, fodder fists, Bishop legs, Omega Red shoulder pads, and sculpted his head. Gave him a similar warn metal paint job with some gun metal mixed in. Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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