Gipsy Danger Pacific Rim


A few weeks ago one of my colleagues and great human beings, John Mallamas, did a custom Gipsy Danger from the Pacific Rim movie with a heavily detailed overhaul. I have always wanted to experiment with joint replacement and fine paint detailing, so I took it upon myself to try it with the Neca Gipsy Danger figure. The factory figure has very limited articulation, a haphazard paint job, and no accessories.

I wanted Gipsy more movie accurate so I started by replacing his elbow joints with Transformer ball joints. I gave him more articulation in his neck and hips as well. I made him 2 Elbow Rockets that magnetically attach to either elbow. He has a custom made interchangeable Plasma Caster hand, and 2 hand sculpted Chainsaw Blades that also attach magnetically to his hands. Then came the 13 hour paint job. I started by mixing a blue that better represented his look in the movie. He has fine panel detailing, lights, gears, grease, and mechanical highlights. Check out his shin insignias and chest emblem, straight out of the movie! This Gipsy looks like he could walk right up to a Kaiju and rip it’s head off! Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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