Artorias of the Abyss Dark Souls


Another video game character for another very patient client. Artorius of the Abyss from Dark Souls has been a tough one to “figure” out (get it?). I just didn’t know how to approach this figure and give him justice. On top of all that his sword is just as iconic as the character. All that said I love this figure. It is one of the best and most favorite that I have done, and it’s the first time I have worked with cloth, ie, his Clint Eastwood shawl. I don’t know much about Artorius or Dark Souls, but I do know that he is a bad mamma jamma! Make sure you check out the sword! Thanks for the challenge Shaina! Enjoy!

Artorius was a Wrraal base, Ghost Rider armor, Xorn head, ML Sabes hair, my girlfriend’s dog’s bandana, a bit of sculpt and a super cool paint job. Also, the sword was from some figure I don’t know, but it is huge. I added some sculpted details and lots of drybrush.

See you in the future!



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