Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor


This is the Iron Man I’ve been waiting for. Just like Extremis was a defining Iron Man story, Iron Man’s Heroic Age Bleeding Edge armor was just as defining for the character’s look. Unfortunately Stark didn’t have a defining story while wearing it, so of course, it didn’t stick. So I was pretty excited when I got this guy, but so majorly disappointed with the crappy paint job they gave him, if you can even call it that. Most of the figure wasn’t even painted, but rather made from a translucent red plastic. He looked like a Jollyrancher. Watermelon!

Anyway, I completely repainted this guy with a more crimson red that looks more like actual iron, lit up his lights a bit more, and added lots of detailed outlines that brought out the many plates of armor in this suit.

See you in the future!



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