Damian Wayne Robin First Appearance


A few weeks ago I did a Damian Wayne Robin figure as he currently appears in the DC New 52. I was thinking about what makes him one of my favorite characters, and I realized it’s not just how he’s written, but also because in his short existence he has had several different looks and costume changes. So I decided to go back to his first appearance, back when he was running around cutting villain’s heads off, and try my hand at Andy Kubert’s original look for the kid.

So here he is, Damian in his first appearance duds. It’s a Robin mash up over top of his black and white jumper, and a grey hooded cloak to finish it off. He also has his steel knuckle studded gloves and samurai sword.

He was a YJ Robin body, YJ Flash Legs and arms, DCUC Robin head heavily modded, Superboy gloves, and a DCUC cape and hood. Sculpted the triangle mask, and finished him with a combo gloss/matte paint job.

See you in the future!



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