Talia Al’ Ghul


The Demon Mother. For real, right? What kind of mother ditches her kid, clones him, then listens while his brother kills him? But you know what? All that said, she is one bad mamma jamma!

Never tried my hand at Talia, seems everyone and their mother has, no pun intended, so I thought I would give her a go. She was a blast to make, and I made her with 3 looks. The first is a dessert look with a tattered cape and hood. The second is no hood, and the third is just her sleek body suit. To accomplish these 3 looks I made her with 2 separate heads: one with long hair, and one with short hair to fit under her hood. She comes with 2 pistols, cape, hood, and a big arse sword!

She was made from a ML Mistique, Catwoman boots, Buffy head with sculpt, and a full custom paint job.

See you in the future!



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