Vegito Dragonball Z


Another commission for my man Fais. Starting on this guy I had no knowledge of DBZ other than the occasional flip through on TV. Now that I had a chance to work with this guy, it was a refreshing break from all the superhero stuff from the big 2. Also, these Figuarts figures are amazing figures. The articulation is out of this world!

So if I have this right, this is Vegito. Not Vegita, or Vigeto. Vegito. I’m pretty sure he’s the bad@$$ of the bunch, and if he’s not, I can’t imagine who is. Got some great pics with the multiple interchangeable hands, and his really cool stand he comes with.

He was made from 2 different Figuarts figures that I combined. Modded the hair, and gave him a total redo on the paints.

See you in the future!



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