Hush What if…Dark Knight Rises


One of my most favorite characters in all of comics, the mysterious Hush is another character that I would have loved to see Nolan tackle in his Batman movie universe. To me Hush embodies noir, which is such a defining characteristic of Nolan’s Bat-verse. That said, I have no idea why Mattel hasn’t made an official fully articulate figure. The DC Direct ones are great designs, but a bit stiff.

In the comics, during Batman’s absence after Final Crisis, Hush/Tommy Elliot has plastic surgery to look like Bruce Wayne. So I decided to use a Movie Masters Bruce Wayne head, and sculpted the bandages over it to give him more of a Bruce Wayne identity. What a cool plot point if he had shown up in the movie universe!

He was a DKR Ra’s and Joker jacket, with a Bruce Wayne head. Custom paint job finished him.

See you in the future!



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