All time favorite villain! There’s something about Doomsday that I just can’t shake. And who wouldn’t like an evil Hulk with bones sticking out of his skin? Ever since his fist first appeared in Man of Steel #17 I was intrigued, especially when he finally busted through his underground cell with his green jumpsuit/straight jacket, with those red goggles. Awesome. Then he went on to literally kill Superman. The best part about that story is that no one saw it coming until the black bagged Superman #75. No spoilers, no USA Today. 

Doomsday here was done for a client, and was the most ambitious project I’ve taken on so far. Learned a lot about sculpting on this one. Thanks for bringing it to me Brian.

He was made from a ML Hulk, and a ton of Aves apoxie. Finished with a custom paint job. DOOMSDAY!

See you in the future!



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