Scarface and the Ventriloquist TDKR

Getting back into my ‘What if…Dark Knight’ movie villain series, here are one (or two) of my personal favorites. I think Christopher Nolan could have done wonders with these guys. Right up his alley.

The Ventriloquist is a very humble, older gentleman. Doesn’t like to get into any kind of confrontation.  Where as Scarface loves to mix it up. A gangster to the heart, and a brutal one at that. Scarface is fully articulate. Complete with his trademark fedora, red tie, double revolvers, and his jaw is hinged so it can open and close.

They were made from a movie Hector Hammond, Doctor who head, Superboy glasses, lego Blackhawks figure, DC Direct Joker Head moded, Question hat, and fodder. Wrapped up in a custom paint job.

See you in the future!


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