Mon Ami! Sher! Le Pew! I’ve been wanting to do the Cajun King here for a while, and finally got around to finishing him. This is Remy Lebau in a modified version of his classic garb. I included a bunch of charged and non-charged accessories, including 2 different bo staffs, a single and a set of charged throwing cards, and a charged Ultimate Nick Fury Head!

Gambit is one of the more popular, yet never used, X-Men. From the Bayou of Louisianan, Gambit was a member of the Guild of Thieves, who are basically a bunch of cajun ninjas, before he joined the X-Men.

I used a ML Bullseye body, Gambit legs and hand, a DCUC hand, Nick Fury arms and jacket, Wonder Man head with custom sculpted hair, custom silver bo staff and a charged bo staff, custom single charged playing card, custom throwing charged playing cards, custom charged Ultimate Nick Fury head, and a sleek custom paint job.



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