Captain America

Here he is. My hero. For such an iconic symbol in comics, it’s odd that most of his figures aren’t all that. None of them have ever sat well with me, so I decided to make my own.

First off, Cap here is dedicated to my mom, who, throughout my childhood, never took off her Captain America costume. Steve Rogers has been an inspiration to us both, and she has inspired me and supported me in everything I’ve ever done…including playing with action figures at age 35!

So like I said, I’ve had some kind of problem with all of the factory Captain America figures. Bad hands, bad boots, sloppy, dim paint jobs, and facial expressions that make him look like hungrier than a hippie when he’s high on weed.

I started off with a MLFO Cap, gave him a blue eyed Barry Allan head, DCUC forearms and hands, and Switched out his long ass “wizard” boots for Wonder Man’s, also slimmed and simplified his belt. Classic belt! His shield is custom as well, attaching to Cap’s forearm or back via magnets. Finished him off with a custom patriotic paint job, and volare!

Hope you like him.


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