Nightcrawler (Classic Uncanny X-Men)

BAMF! The fuzzy elf that smells like eggs is finally here! Done in a super articulated Marvel Legends style, this Nightcrawler figure is busting straight out of Giant Sized X-Men #1! Not only is he super articulated but he also features a brand new head, his trademark swashbuckling sword, and a poseable tail that can hold his sword!

Nightcrawler was made from a ML Wlagreens Ant-Man body, a Razorclaw head with sculpted hair and grafted on ears from Toybiz Nightcrawler, Toybiz Nightcrawler hands and toes that were grafted on to Ant-Man’s feet and then sculpted over. His sword is from scratch with fodder and sculpted details, and he’s wrapped up in a trademark ACCF classic paint job. Enjoy!


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