Wild Dog (DC Comics)

I’ve been reading comics for as far back as I can remember. When I first got an allowance as a kid I remember Wild Dog #1 was the first comic I bought for myself. He hasn’t gotten much exposure over the years, but the cover to issue one from 1987 is still one of my favorite covers of all time! They did a decent job of depicting him on the CW show Arrow, but the classic Jack Wheeler is my Wild Dog. It was more than a pleasure to work on this guy, and I’m surprised DC never made a figure. Many thanks to my client for bringing this project to me.

Wild Dog was made from a ML Netflix Punisher and an Eel head. His entire mask is sculpted and the details of his shirt and costume as well. He’s wrapped up in a classic ACCF paintjob. Man, that shirt! Love it! Enjoy!


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