Miles Morales Spider-Man (Spider-Verse)

This is THE DELUXE Miles Morales figure you do not want to miss! From the Golden Globes winning movie for Best Animated Picture, this Miles Morales Spiderman is screen acurate featuring 4 interchangeable heads, his web line, venom shock effect, hoodie accessory, and those trademark, custom made AIR JORDANS!!! LOOK AT THOSE THINGS! THEY TOOK ME 5 HOURS TO PAINT BY THEMSELVES! He features sculpted details including hoodie liner, shorts, and shoe details. Wrapped up in a vibrant ACCF screen accurate paint job.

Miles was made from a ML Spiderverse Morales, modded Spider Punk shoes and jacket, and several modded Miles heads and one Peter Parker head with sculpted half mask and facial details. Enjoy!

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